No husband is so undying and everlasting a husband as Christ is; death separates all other relations, but the soul’s union with Christ is not dissolved in the grave.  Indeed, the day of a believer’s death is his marriage day, the day of his fullest enjoyment of Christ.  No husband can say to his wife, what Christ says to the believer, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

John Flavel

You Must Be Born Again

Now, can the heart of a natural man cling about God?  Can it forget its father’s house, and be wholly taken up with the Creator’s excellency?  Can he that loved pleasures more than God in the world, love God more than pleasures in heaven, without an alteration of his soul?  No.

Stephen Charnock

The Beginning of Wisdom

Faith and fear go hand in hand.  When the soul looks at God’s holiness, he fears.  When he looks at God’s promises, he believes.  A godly man trembles, yet trusts.  Fear preserves reverence, faith preserves cheerfulness.  Fear keeps the soul from lightness, faith keeps it from sadness.  By this we may know whether we walk with God, if we walk “in the fear of God.”

Thomas Watson

Captain of Our Souls

The soul is like a ship in a narrow river which does not have room to turn.  It is always running aground and foundering in the shallows.  But Jesus Christ is in every way sufficient to the vast desires of the soul; in him it has sea-room enough.  In him the soul may spread its sails with no fear of touching bottom.  And thus you see what is the importance of this phrase, “Altogether lovely.”

John Flavel