In the Thoughts of the Highest

David speaks in wonder in the Psalms about why God would ever take notice of man.   Although Christmas has past, I am still marveling that the Lord would not only notice us, but that He would forsake the glory of heaven and become one of us, in order to save us.   That the way of salvation was for Him to become a human baby, to subject Himself to human growth, human infirmity, and the foibles of other humans, while knowing always that the crucifixion lay ahead, is a wonder of wonders.  Contemplating it brings marvelous tears.

He thought of us.  He looked upon us.  He loved us.  He came to us.  He died for us.  He saved us.

What is Man, that You think of him? Or the son of man that You care for him?

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

What does it profit a man?

What the heart is to the body, the soul is to the man; and what health is to the heart, holiness is to the soul.  The state of the whole body depends upon the soundness and vigor of the heart, and the everlasting state of the whole man upon the good or ill condition of the soul.

John Flavel

You must be born again

Outward reformation only (though of excellent use) is but a new appearance, not a new creature, a change of life, not of the heart; whereas this work we discourse of is a new birth in the understanding and will; it begins at the spirit and descends from thence to the body; it is a sanctification in spirit, soul, and then body.

Stephen Charnock