Word for the Day

Good Physician, here is scope for Thee; come and manifest Thy healing power! There are many of us who have looked unto Jesus and are lightened, but we do confess that our faith was the gift of God. We had never looked with these blear eyes of ours to that dear cross, unless first the heavenly light had shone, and the heavenly finger had taken the thick scales away.

Spurgeon, Charles. The Pastor In Prayer (p. 2). GLH Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

Labour to mortify your affections, and to get your will melted into the will of God: as the winds are to the sea, so are the affections to the soul of man: so long as the sea is hurried with the wind, it hath no rest or quiet; and what is the reason that our hearts are no more calmed and quieted, but because we have not yet resigned up our wills to the will of God?

Bridge, William. A Lifting Up For The Downcast (Vintage Puritan) (Kindle Locations 330-333). GLH Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

The longer I live the more I am convinced that the world needs no new Gospel, as some profess to think. I am thoroughly persuaded that the world needs nothing but a bold, full, unflinching teaching of the “old paths”. The heart of man is the same in every age. The spiritual medicine which it requires is always the same.

Ryle, J. C.. Old Paths (Kindle Locations 37-39). GLH Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

Joy is something very deep and profound, something that affects the whole and entire personality. In other words it comes to this; there is only one thing that can give true joy and that is contemplation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He satisfies my mind; He satisfies my emotions; He satisfies my every desire. He and His great salvation include the whole personality and nothing less, and in Him I am complete. Joy, in other words, is the response and the reaction of the soul to a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Life in Christ, 30)

MacArthur, John F. 1-3 John MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Macarthur New Testament Commentary Serie) (p. 20). Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

To the divine providence it has seemed good to prepare in the world to come for the righteous good things, which the unrighteous shall not enjoy; and for the wicked evil things, by which the good shall not be tormented. But as for the good things of this life, and its ills, God has willed that these should be common to both; that we might not too eagerly covet the things which wicked men are seen equally to enjoy, nor shrink with an unseemly fear from the ills which even good men often suffer.

Augustine, Saint. The Complete Works of Saint Augustine: The Confessions, On Grace and Free Will, The City of God, On Christian Doctrine, Expositions on the Book Of Psalms, … (50 Books With Active Table of Contents) (Kindle Locations 2362-2366). . Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

Once more, by faith, we will eat the Lamb, by holy trust we will come to a crucified Savior, and feed on his blood, and righteousness, and atonement.

Spurgeon, Charles. Twelve Sermons on the Lord’s Supper (Kindle Locations 247-248). Titus Books. Kindle Edition.

Just Thinking

The resurrection is a person, not a past event.  His name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? (Joh 11:25-26 KJV)

Word for the Day

A generation and nations at peace with abortion and homosexuality are at war with God, who will not stay the plague.

Rushdoony, R. J.. Leviticus: Commentaries on the Pentateuch Vol. 3 (Kindle Locations 547-548). Chalcedon Foundation. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

The wickedness of a people is great indeed when the most notorious sinners are men of renown among them.

Henry, Matthew. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume I (Genesis to Deuteronomy) – Enhanced Version (Kindle Locations 2747-2748). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

Even the haters of God will say they love him; and the scorners at godliness will say that they are not ungodly; and that it is but hypocrisy and singularity that they deride: and it were well for them, if saying so would go for proof, and he that will be their Judge would take their words. But God will not be deceived, though foolish men are wise enough to deceive themselves.

Baxter, Richard. A Christian Directory (complete – Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 of 4): A SUM OF PRACTICAL THEOLOGY AND CASES OF CONSCIENCE . Transcript. Kindle Edition.