Word for the Day

When God “blows the breath of life” into Adam’s nostrils, we’re to understand that act to be a continuation of His creation of the world by the power of His Word.

Dever, Mark. Preach: Theology Meets Practice (p. 27). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

We have come to believe that a man of God can deal in certain tiny areas in the life of the Church; but when it really gets tough, we need to go to the social experts. That is an absolute lie! It says here that the Scriptures are given “that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works” (2Ti 3:17).

Washer, Paul. Ten Indictments against the Modern Church (Kindle Locations 112-115). Chapel Library. Kindle Edition.

You must be born again

No rebels were ever stouter against their prince than an unrenewed soul against the Spirit of God: not a moment without arms in his hand; he acts in defense of sin, and resistance of grace, and combats with the Spirit as his deadly enemy: ‘You always resist the Holy Ghost; as your fathers did, so do you,’ Acts 7:51.

Stephen Charnock

The beginning of wisdom

It is an indispensable duty incumbent on Christians, to be fearers of God.  “Fear God!” (Eccles. 5:7).  “That you may fear the glorious and awesome name of the Lord your God!” (Deut. 28:58).  This fear of God is the very foundation of a saint.  One can no more act as a Christian without the fear of God–than he can act as a man without reason.

Thomas Watson

What does it profit a man?

What the heart is to the body, the soul is to the man; and what health is to the heart, holiness is to the soul.  The state of the whole body depends upon the soundness and vigor of the heart, and the everlasting state of the whole man upon the good or ill condition of the soul.

John Flavel

A Son is Given

It is by the exercise and discharge of the office of Christ, as the king, priest, and prophet of the church, that we are redeemed, sanctified, and saved…the redemption and salvation of the church do not depend merely on this–that God has given one to be king, priest, and prophet of the church, by the acting of which offices it is redeemed and saved; but on the person of him who was so given unto us: as is fully attested, Isiah 9:6-7.

John Owen

Self deception

Men profess they know the truth; but they know it not in its proper order, in its harmony and use.  It leads them not to Christ, it brings not Christ unto them; and so is lifeless and useless.  Hence, ofttimes, none are more estranged from the life of God than such as have much notional knowledge of the doctrines of the Scripture.  For they are all of them useless, and subject to be abused, if they are not improved to form Christ in the soul, and transform the whole person into his likeness and image.

John Owen

The Dreadfulness of Judgment

When all the hidden things of darkness shall be brought to light, and the counsels of the heart shall be made manifest; when those secret impurities and subtle frauds whereof the world did never suspect us, shall be exposed and laid open to public view, and many thousand actions which we never dreamed to be sinful, or else had altogether forgotten, shall be charged home upon our consciences, with such evident convictions of guilt, that we shall neither be able to deny nor excuse them.  Then shall all the angels in heaven, and all the saints that ever lived upon the earth, approve that dreadful sentence which shall be passed on wicked men; and those who perhaps did love and esteem them when they lived in the world, shall look upon them with indignation and abhorrence, and never make one request for their deliverance.

Henry Scougal