Education: Continuing the House

We are all the recipients of an inheritance. The great blessings God has given us in this nation. The inheritance of our families: their history, name, and reputation. The freedom to worship the Lord and proclaim His gospel of forgiveness, redemption, righteousness, and holiness. Many more could be listed.

What are you doing to pass on your inheritance to your children?

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Word for the Day

According to the Scriptures, neither our emotions nor our experiences provide an adequate foundation for the Christian life.

Washer, Paul. The Truth About Man – Biblical study of the Doctrine of Man (Kindle Location 104). HeartCry Missionary Society. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

The more we fix our hopes on the recompence of reward in the other world, the more free and liberal shall we be of our earthly treasure upon all occasions of doing good.

Matthew Henry. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation) – Enhanced Version (Kindle Locations 34582-34584). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

The solemn work with which the Christian ministry concerns itself demands a man’s all, and that all at its best. To engage in it half-heartedly is an insult to God and man.

Spurgeon, Charles. Charles Spurgeon: Lectures To My Students, Vol 1-4 (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 171-172). Kindle Edition.

Word for the Day

So long as we do not look beyond the earth, we are quite pleased with our own righteousness, wisdom, and virtue; we address ourselves in the most flattering terms, and seem only less than demigods.

Calvin, John. Calvin: The Institutes of the Christian Religion (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump) (Kindle Locations 688-689). OSNOVA. Kindle Edition.